How to get your loan at the car-pawnshop


Contact us

Call us or send us your vehicle details using our online form, e-mail or fax. We will then check the details and calculate the maximum available loan. The maximum loan is dependent on the brand, model, year and mileage of your vehicle.


We agree on your loan amount and arrange an appointment

We then agree the loan amount we can provide you with in return for temporarily depositing your vehicle. The maximum loan amount is our initial estimate of the value of your vehicle. We will also arrange an appointment for you at our office.


You receive your loan certificate and your loan in cash

At our office, we will explain the details of your loan, quickly and simply, and carry out a brief inspection of your vehicle. If you’re happy with our offer, you can sign the contract. Proof of identity is required at this point, so please remember to bring your ID card or passport. You then hand over your vehicle along with the registration documents, service booklet and all keys, and we place it in our secure storage facility. Now you receive your loan, either in cash or by bank transfer to your account. You will also receive a loan certificate which you can use to redeem your vehicle at any time.