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Managing directors:
C. Domeniconi (left) & A. Lötscher (right)

The History of the was founded by the two owners in 2007 at the notary as a limited liability company and began working with a small facility offering space for 8 vehicles. The first parked vehicle was a convertible Mercedes SL, quickly followed by a Saab 95 and a Vito van. Since then, the Car-Pawnshop has grown continuously since its foundation in 2007, enabling them to rent more facilities.

Based on those positive experiences and regular requests, another company was founded in 2015 in France, named FINEOCAR. It works based on the same principles and allows customers to quickly receive funds against temporary deposit of a vehicle.

In those business years since the foundation in 2007, the two family fathers have gained lots of pawnshop-experience and let it shape how they render their services with Swiss quality standards. This ensures best results in the evaluation, storage and care of the vehicle until its being collected by its owner.


Swiss founders, who vouch with their name and experience for their customers

The Swiss business consultant Cedric Domeniconi, founder and CEO of, can already look back on a successful career in banking and insurance. The “Automobile Revue” wrote in an article: “The experienced young entrepreneur is the personification of friendliness, a service-provider from top to bottom.” Mr. Lötscher is also Swiss, founder and managing director, and has a lot of experience in the national and international car trade.

The two complement each other well: while Mr. Domeniconi, with his strategic background from the financial industry, is more invested in business development, marketing and the company’s finances, Mr. Lötscher, with his distinctive experience in the car trade, mainly takes care of the daily operations of evaluation, pawning and collection of vehicles.

Mission / Vision

The company’s mission is to offer its customers full satisfaction, a safe and discrete car car title loan solution each time. The two founders are personally involved, transparent and at eye level for their clients. They know life and its opportunities and risks from their own experience and accompany the clients personally and sensitively throughout the process.

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