Advantages of a Car Title Loan

Why you should request a pawn-credit

Practial Advantages of a Car Title Loan

Makes a quick investment or advance payment possible, allows you to pay urgent bills or salaries and to bridge ongoing business expenses.

Quick and short-term credit against deposit of a vehicle as security. You will usually receive your money within 24 hours after the request (on business days). Cash payment is possible.

The loan depends on the value of the vehicle. Income, past debt collections, bankruptcy and ZEK entries do not matter. Regular salaries, salary confirmations, employer references and excerpts from the debt collection register are not needed.

The repayment term is 3 months and the vehicle can be redeemed early. The client only pays for fees and parking expenses of the actually-used time. There are no monthly fees and the credit amount and fees are only due at the end of the term.

The pawn-credit can be renewed if payment is made for the fees of the first 3 months. It is extended for another 3 months.

Security with the Pawn-Credit

The vehicle is kept in a secure and closed depot, hidden from view for unauthorized persons. Neither the request nor the loan are to be entered in the ZEK or other databases, so nobody will know about the credit, not the bank, the debt register or employers. The Debt Register ZEK holds a credit rating database for the banks. Each request (successful or not) for a private loan will be registered there. If you have been refused by the bank or have an ongoing loan, you will most likely not receive another credit. This is different with the pawn credit. Neither the request, nor the loan will be registered in ZEK. You will keep your creditworthiness, no bank will know about your pawn credit. is state approved. Your vehicle will be insured while you deposit it with us. The media (Automobilrevue, Blick, SRF etc.) have reported on our business on multiple occasions.

The beauty of a car title loan is that there is no risk of over-extending yourself. The worst that can happen if you are unable to repay is that your vehicle will be auctioned. The advantage for you: you are never personally liable for the loan and will never be pursued by us for repayment.

If a client does not redeem their car at the end of the loan period, we will contact them discreetly to remind them of the relevant deadlines. If despite these reminders the customer is unable or unwilling to redeem their car, it will be sent for public auction. If the sale price exceeds the outstanding loan amount (including interest, charges and auction costs), the balance will be transferred to the customer immediately. will bear any losses from the auctioning of the car.