Frequently Asked Questions

Loans can be issued in Swiss Francs (CHF) or Euros (EUR), so there are no risks due to changes in the exchange rate.

Your vehicle will be absolutely safe with us. It will not be driven and will spend the duration of the loan period in our secure storage facility. In the unlikely event that something does happen, you can rest assured that every vehicle in our possession is comprehensively insured. If you wish, you can take your number plates with you and deregister your vehicle for the duration of your loan.

Discretion is the key to our success. We require no information from you and no one will be informed of your loan. Your loan will not be recorded in any official debt register. The storage facility where your vehicle will be held is not accessible to unauthorised persons or any third party.

We have all kinds of customers. The growing demand for consumer credit, combined with restrictive lending by banks to private and business customers, is helping the pawnbroking industry to grow. High earners in particular, e.g. academics, self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs, are realising the benefits of this smart and simple credit model. A collateral loan is a secure, fast and easy way of increasing liquidity. It’s also attractive for customers who would otherwise be courted by the banks and have easy access to more conventional forms of credit.

Whenever you want. You can redeem your vehicle and collect it at any time during the period of your loan. Simply arrange a date and time then bring your loan certificate plus full repayment, including interest and charges, in cash. Alternatively, you can transfer the repayment sum to our bank account before collection. Once we’ve received payment, you can drive your vehicle away immediately.

If a customer does not redeem their car at the end of the loan period, we will contact them discreetly to remind them of the relevant deadlines. If despite these reminders the customer is unable or unwilling to redeem their car, it will be sent for public auction after a fixed and legally binding notice period.

The auction will be advertised in the local press (ads will include the respective loan numbers). Naturally, we will inform the customer of the price the car fetches. If the sale price exceeds the outstanding loan amount (including interest, charges and auction costs), the balance will be transferred to the customer immediately.

Over a short contract period, a car title loan is actually very reasonable. It’s a classic short-term credit option: quick and easy to obtain and with a short contract term, i.e. days, weeks or a few months. We are not affected by fluctuations in the financial markets and apply our own independent interest rates and charges. A car title loan is therefore one of the most inexpensive and predictable finance options available. One more point: your loan will be paid out in full, and early repayment is possible at any time without penalty charges or penalty interest. Other than our standard charge, there are no valuation or processing costs. You won’t have to pay advisory or brokerage fees either.

1. Pawnbrokers specialise in short-term and small-scale loans, which form the core business of the pawnbroking industry. Most banks have little interest in offering short-term loans due to the high costs involved.

2. Collateral loans can be used to complement conventional bank loans, since banks do not offer this type of product due to the amounts, terms and securities involved. Existing bank loans (other than leasing arrangements on the collateral vehicle) are not a problem.

3. A loan is issued within minutes of valuing your vehicle and without any further background check. Since there is no credit check, you can obtain a loan even when subject to debt enforcement.