„In Büsingen am Hochrhein you will find the only Car-Pawnshop far and wide. The owners are two Swiss.”

Read the article in the “Tagi”, Tages-Anzeiger, 17.11.2015, written by Lili Minor, photographs by Sabina Bobst

“A Lotus convertible, a Harley Davidson or a caravan, they all are stored at There is not much space left in the parking garages of Cedric Domeniconi. The business man from Zürich is running the only Swiss pawnshop specialized in cars and motorcycles, located in the German exclave Büsingen.”

Watch the Blick Online video | Read the Blick article Blick, 12.10.2015, video by Stephanie Seliner, article by Beat Michel.

The Swiss director of the first car title loan company in Switzerland welcomes us into his office in the local council building in Büsingen. A family man, he has this to say: “We operate our business in full accordance with German law.” As if to confirm our first impressions, the local mayor looks in and adds: “Please make sure you write only positive things about Auto-Pfandhaus.”

Open PDF, Der Sonntag Nr. 3, 23.01.2011, Page 41, Martin Probst (Text), Emanuel Freudiger (Picture)

“The customer leaves their car together with the keys and registration documents. No other form of small loan is available so quickly – or with such short repayment periods.”

Open PDF BLICK/SONNTAGSBLICK 26./27. February 2011, Page 44, Lorenz Keller (Text) and Sabine Wunderlin (Pictures)

“The car is used as collateral. Giving cash loans against an item of value is an old idea, of course, but in Switzerland it’s not all that common. is one of the few private pawnbroking companies around.”

Open PDF St. Galler Tagblatt, 27.10.2010, by Thorsten Fischer, Picture Automobilrevue

“Auto-Pfandhaus director Cedric Domeniconi, a business consultant with a background in banking and insurance, is hardly the stereotypical pawnbroker. This young entrepreneur is extremely friendly and totally committed to providing a service to his customers.”

Open PDF Automobil Revue 51, 19.12.2007, Text: Christoph Schmutz, Picture: Automobil Revue

“CAR TITLE LOANS: there is no quicker way to get your hands on cash than to pawn your car. Maximum speed and minimum red tape are key features of the pawn-brokering business. Cash is what counts!”

Open PDF Automobil Revue 16, 16.4.2009, Text: Christoph Schmutz, Picture: Automobil Revue

“Necessity is the mother of invention. More and more people in Switzerland are selling or pawning their valuables. Yet many refuse to part with that most cherished possession: their car. But what do they do if they need cash urgently? The answer: they can pawn their car too.”

Open Link, online, 10.08.2009

“If you need money but don’t want to part with your expensive car, there’s also the option of pawning it – and it's all completely legal with GmbH.”

“If you take your car to, you can exchange it along with the keys and registration documents for an immediate loan. Cash in hand – with no credit checks, no extract from the debt enforcement register and no proof of earnings. The only condition: you can prove ownership, the car is not leased, and the company values it at 1,000 francs or more.”

Open PDF Schaffhauser Anzeiger, 22.11.2007, Text Elisabeth Hasler, Picture Peter Pfister

Pawnshops grant loans for the deposit of a valuable object. A Car-Pawnshop in the German exclave Büsingen am Hochrhein offers these services to vehicle-owners now.

Read article saldo 10/2014, 28. Mai 2014

“More and more people are pawning their jewelry, watches and even cars as a quick way of generating cash. 10vor10 takes a closer look at the pawn-brokering industry. To view the segment on, click and drag on the progress bar beneath the video to 3.50 minutes.”

Watch video SRF, 30.8.2007, 10vor10, Samira Matta