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It is our heartfelt desire, to get socially and regionally involved. That is why we donate a portion of our profits every year to organizations we feel particularly connected to.

The Bergkirche Büsingen (“Mountain Church Büsingen") with its over 1,000 years of history is not only an outstanding cultural heritage of our region, but also has a fascinating charisma as a spiritual fountain of strength. Many people feel attracted to the idyllic church ensemble and look to this cozy Romanesque church to find peace, inspiration and closeness to God.

The association Verein Freunde der Bergkirche zu Büsingen e.V. (“Friends of the Mountain Church of Büsingen") was founded to ensure the preservation of the church and keep it open for the public. The association cares for the church and organizes and coordinates events and works on the church premises.

The Specialist Department for Debt Issues of the Canton of Zürich is a nonprofit debt counseling center which provides counseling to indebted households and takes position in public for matters of debt. As a socially committed company, we support this association in its independent counseling services finding appropriate solutions for cases of excessive indebtedness.

This official service exists since 1991. It is a member of the Union for Debt Counseling Switzerland, which is run by the association of the same name and is supported within the framework of a public service mandate by the canton and the city of Zürich and other Zürich municipalities.

This services exists to:

  • provide consulting to people with excessive debt, or those who are threatened by such debt
  • support other social institutions in dealing with the debt problems of their customers
  • do publicity work and provide the public with information concerning issues of debt and excessive indebtedness

Caritas also advises people with debt issues in Switzerland and Germany. The Regional Association of Caritas in Singen offers consulting to people with excessive debt, which no longer allows them to meet their obligations. Because this can sometimes cause suffering to whole families, and threaten them with the termination of rental contracts and judicial execution.

The Debt Counseling Center helps:

  • with creating a budget and reducing costs
  • by providing legal information on loans and social security services
  • to organize relevant documents
  • to reject unjust claims which occur regulary
  • with the initiation and proceeding of a bankruptcy procedure